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Blockchain is a digital peer-to-peer asset transaction exchange platform that is shared among a dispersed network of computers. It can seriously speed up bulk transaction completion and security. It has the potential to streamline your business operations, improve cyber security, and minimize or eliminate the need for middlemen. Blockchain finds many applications in the FinTech industry because of its priority on transparency and security. However, the technology is becoming popular around the world and finds many applications in other industries like healthcare, retail, insurance, logistics, real estate, media and more.

Security is integrated into the architecture of the blockchain itself, which is one of the things that makes it unique. The transaction time, transaction value, and transaction mechanisms are all combined together. Such a group is called a “block” and blockchain represents a chain of such transactions. The data in any specific block cannot be easily modified after it has been recorded. When one block is altered, all subsequent blocks must be updated as well, and this kind of alteration requires the majority(or even all) of the members on the network to agree with the alteration.

Why choose Bluemaple blockchain consulting for our blockchain solutions?

We specialize in providing technical staffing for major organizations that require blockchain solutions. We work with multinational corporations in India and the United States. We’ll make certain that any team we suggest is actually qualified for the job. Our technical staff has many years of experience, and we have also served many multinational clients in the past. We especially have special experience in Fintech and startups, where Blockchain finds a lot of applications. With that being said, If you have any kind of blockchain related requests, please contact us.

Blockchain services offered by Bluemaple consulting

Organizations require a staff capable of providing innovative business solutions. Our experienced team does just that by analyzing your digital needs and then carefully coming up with efficient solutions. Our Blockchain consultants are experts in offering the following services:

Custom blockchain design

We can help you set up a private blockchain that can handle crypto transactions with complete security. It will have the ability to handle massive amounts of data and will work on the latest technologies. The blockchain will be designed in a manner that you will have total control over all members on it.

Business model design

A business model centered around blockchain can be hard to design because the technology is new. However our expert team that has years of experience and can design such business models quite easily. Your blockchain network business model will be designed with suitable monetization and incentives to encourage member engagement and produce network effects.

Operational model design

When designing the blockchain, operational models that decide who owns what must be decided early on. This can be hard because blockchain ownership is about data compartmentalization and ownership. Our experienced team will assist you in developing such a model for your business network's members that provides advantages that are fair, democratic, and transparent.

Development of smart contracts and wallets

We provide our customers with custom smart contracts within their private blockchain which they may have developed independently. We also develop secure wallets that can store a variety of digital assets and transmit them to others. The wallets can help keep track of the user's transaction history and store it in an encrypted format.

development of dApps

Our team designs enterprise-grade decentralized apps (dApps) from idea through design and development to testing. Our development procedure helps organizations reduce time to market and increase ROI. As a result, clients may benefit from an enterprise-grade solution that can adapt to market changes. We also create a unique user interface that incorporates cloud services.

IoT and Blockchain

Reliable accountability and security in all of your IoT-related actions is a key worry in the present day because of the lack of security systems concerning IoT. However blockchain is a promising solution to this. Our consultants can help you integrate IoT devices with your Blockchain project to establish incorruptible digital contracts and ledgers.

Why choose BlueMaple for blockchain consulting services?

Experienced developers

Our website developers are highly talented and experienced in developing robust and scalable websites according to the client’s business requirements.

Advanced technologies

With a team of certified web developers, we make use of advanced technologies and tools to build responsive and highly functional websites with unique features.

Cost-effective services

As a leading provider of web development services, we offer cost-effective web development services and solutions for our clients with no compromise on the quality.

On-time project delivery

Our web developers are committed to offer secure, robust, and scalable websites by completely focusing on the client’s business needs to deliver the project on-time.


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What kind of services can you help us with?

Bluempale Blockchain consulting can help you in developing various blockchain solutions including decentralized app development, Blockchain financial solutions, staffing and more.

Can we choose our own staff?

Yes. you can choose your own staff after deciding on their capabilities if you want to. You can also rely on our team to choose the staff based on your requirements

Do you work with NDAs?

Yes. We have worked with Non disclosure agreements with many clients when dealing with blockchain before.

What is the cost of your consulting services?

This is again dependent on the number of services you require from us. The skill of the developers you need will also become a factor in this. Contact us with your requirements to know more.

Why should you entrust your blockchain solution to Bluemaple consulting?

Because they’ve worked with a lot of customers and are experienced with a variety of blockchain systems, Bluemaple consulting is a solid pick. From the private to the public sector, we’ve worked with customers in a wide range of sectors.

How long will it take to complete a Blockchain project?

The scope of the project you’re working on will determine this. Contact us with a list of your needs to learn about the project’s cost and timeline.

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