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Data reporting services go hand in hand with analytics. The data that is connected with a business is collected in various ways to do this, and then it is paired up with interactive graphic visualizations that let business owners know what is the status of their business. This reporting has gotten so sophisticated that it is often used to monitor many variables in real time. Many state of the art technologies are used to achieve this, and we have years of experience in such technologies. Our experienced team will help you integrate every part of your business with our sophisticated tools that are involved in data analytics and reporting, and will also help you locate underperforming sections of your business so that you can take action

Data analytics and reporting services are important in virtually all domains of businesses these days, and since the market itself has become very competitive, a company cannot afford to not have it. The benefit of you partnering up with us is that you will get your reports efficiently and quickly. Our tools will turn the raw data associated with your company into easily recognizable waypoints that you can use to craft solutions to the various problems be it financial, operational or managerial. This will also help you understand your audience and the market which is an important factor in driving profits.

Data analytics and reporting products we use

Following are the many products our excellent team of data analysts uses when it comes to data analytics and reporting.


Tableau is a software that has a focus on what is called business intelligence(BI) in the tech industry. It is used by many industries and is one of the most trusted products in data analytics and visualization. It has AI and machine learning driven data analysis capacity and works on multiple data sources simultaneously. Tableau works on spreadsheets, regional databases and cloud databases. It can also store, extract, and work with data from in-memory engines.

Couchbase server

Couchbase server is a multi-model document based database that is open is optimized for interactive applications, which themselves can hold many concurrent users. It is interactive and provides visualizations for any selected data table stored in it. Originally called Membase, it has recently added live data cluster reconfiguration,multitenancy with data partitioning capabilities to its software.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is another data analysis and visualization tool originally developed by Microsoft. It is a collection of apps sold as “power BI services” that help make sense of data that may seem incoherent at first. Power BI is cloud based and supports input in various formats including direct database connection, webpages, spreadsheets, XML, CSV or JSON. Power BI also comes with loads of interactive visualizations for all the data that it analyses. Custom visualizations are also available.

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What is the difference between data analytics and reporting?

Data analytics is the process of taking raw data and making sense of it, while reporting involves presenting the analyzed data in an interactive manner.

How long will it take to analyze a company?

This depends on the size of the company. Bigger companies with more resources and operations take a longer amount of time to be analyzed.

What is the cost of your services?

Our cost depends on the scope of your company and the amount of data you need to get analyzed. Contact us so that we can give you a quote.

Do you work with NDAs?

We have worked with various NDAs and other legal agreements in the past.

Why choose blemapleit for your data analytics and reporting?

We are one of the most experienced agencies that analyze data and our experienced team will help you get your results fast and quickly. These reasons are why you should choose us.

What data analytics software uses the help of AI during analytics?

Tableau is known for using AI to enhance its data analytics. AI is being integrated by all kinds of software these days

What is couchbase server famous for?

It is known for its live data clustering capability that is paired quite well with its interactive graphic visualizations.

What can Microsoft Power BI services help a company with?

Power Bi comes with lots of capabilities. Its cloud technology is especially helpful in regulating company resources.

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