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In the future of the IT industry, organizations that use data and analytics to alter their operations will be crucial. Data is everywhere, flooding across our globe through an ever-increasing variety of sensors, apps, and business models, and in today’s environment, it’s vital for a company to leverage this data to stay ahead of the competition. Marketing, management, finance, online systems, information security, and software services are all examples of sectors where analytics can be used. It is not, however, simple to live in a data-driven environment. This is where you will have to approach data analytics companies to help you out at least in the initial stages of your business operations.

To measure performance, data analytics uses a combination of statistics, computer programming, and operations research. Following the completion of data analytics, business data is utilized to describe, forecast, and enhance company performance. Data analytics may take some time to complete, depending on the size of your company, but virtually all of the clients that utilize analytics believe it is well worth the effort. Bluemaple is one of the many data analytics consulting firms that can help you, as we have extensive experience with various state of the art technologies that are used in the process.

What can Bluemaple Data analytics consulting do for you?

We are a reputed data analytics consulting firm that is known to drive change and initiate digital transformation of our clients. We take the help of big data, statistical analysis and operational research algorithms to drive growth in the areas we serve. We provide detailed reports and can give you quick results with the help of our data analytics tools. Competitor and market analysis is also done in parallel to maximize your revenue. We can help you provide the maximum possible ROI in your business with the various services we provide.

Bluemaple data analytics services

To assist interpret and evaluate data from diverse sources like sensors, machines, and ERP we combine it into a single source. Our years of experience allow us to do such analyses quickly and efficiently. We provide the following services in our data analytics program:

Artificial intelligence

We use state of the art technology that includes some of the most effective artificial intelligence tools to achieve cost-effective automation within your business. Process improvement through Machine Learning is also a common thing in our data analytics program. Our program takes a large number of data sets from various areas of your business and provides efficient results.

Operations research

We can also help you change your business models by implementing operations research which helps you restructure your operations in your business right up to the crucial decision making level to help improve your business. We locate critical business areas that are vital to ROI and help improve them, while identifying and working on the ones that underperform.

Detailed visualizations

We provide detailed reports on whatever we analyze and provide visual representations of such reports to help you understand what is going on within the business. We will also include predictions in the visualizations and tell you the reasons underlying the reports and predictions, so that you can make the necessary changes that you may need to make.

Support services

We specialize in Data & Analytics support and maintenance. service-level agreements (SLAs), fractional support, mixed offshore/onshore teams, as well as architecture and consultancy services, are all a part of our program. We also provide our customers with timely warnings triggered by analytics insights for proactive decision-making. This helps them take immediate action whenever they want to on issues.

Why choose BlueMaple for Data Analytics Consulting?

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Do you work with non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and other legal requirements?

Yes. We’ve dealt with a lot of customers over the years who have requested NDAs and other similar agreements.

Why should you choose the help of Bluemaple consulting for data analytics?

You should consider hiring Bluemaple technical staff to help you out with your data analytics because they have already proven their reputation in the market. Bluemaple also provides real time analytics and notifications.

How do we know that your predictions can be trusted?

Our analysis can be trusted because we will present you with both reasons and accurate visualizations on our analytics and business predictions.

What will be the cost for your data analytics services?

It depends on the scope of your project and the number of services you require for your business. Contact us with your requirements to get your quote.

How much time will it take to analyze my business?

This again, depends on the size of your business and scope of the project. Contact us to know more about such details.

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